August 31, 2011

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I got an email from April Webster (queen of casting for JJ Abrams).  She couldn’t take on the new Emmerich project, because she’s too busy on the Star Trek sequel.  Their schedule got pushed up.  Good news is that the Star Trek franchise lives strong, and I’m such a fan of that entire family – director, producer, writers, casting.  Bad news is that she already has a team for that project and was hoping to hire me for the Emmerich feature.  :(   So close!  But so astounding that I had a whisper of a chance (thanks to Matthew Barry).  I will meet her someday.

I’m using this time to make an effort to meet the people in my field.  For one, the first other casting associate I got to meet last week was Tineka Becker, who works at Paramount for Joseph Middleton.  We had coincidentally both worked on “Looking for Comedy in the Muslim World” when she first moved to LA.

It was the highlight of the week to go to the studio lot and lunch with her.  She has a Paramount credit card!  How cool is that?  Joseph had his own meeting to attend, but I was ridiculously pleased that I had a chance to shake his hand. They have one tiny office, of a staff of 3, over-looking ALL the Paramount features.  And I freak out over whatever ONE project I have.  It fascinated me to hear about the amount of administrative duties and responsibilities she’s had to conquer ever since moving onto the lot.  My hat goes off to Tineka.

I’m working on a cast list for a $15 million indie feature that David Kang emailed me, called “The Last Knights”.  It reads like “300″.  I’m gonna watch more “Game of Thrones” for inspiration.